50 minute session - $180

75 minute session-and-a-half - $270

I set aside some sessions for sliding scale clients -- typically outside of peak evening hours.  If you might need some cost accommodation feel free to reach out and we'll talk about it.  I am also happy to provide referrals to excellent clinicians or training centers who may be able to help provide lower fee therapy.

About Insurance

I am committed to helping make therapy more affordable where possible -- particularly for my individual clients on PPO plans.  If that describes you, I'll submit paperwork on your behalf to your insurance carrier to help you recover some of your out-of-pocket costs.  

Many employers in tech, financial services, apparel and other industries have PPO plans that reimburse at surprisingly high rates once you've hit your deductible, even for out-of-network therapists like me.  This is a great perk I benefited from when I worked in corporate life and I can help you reduce your overall therapy cost in this way.  Most therapists will provide a "superbill" receipt listing your sessions for you to submit, but I think navigating the insurance maze is too much of a hassle for most clients so I will submit the forms for you.  You can read more about all of this in my Blog post on getting money back from your carrier for your out of network therapy

I'm happy to discuss this further if you'd like in our initial consultation.  These reimbursements can be a huge benefit for many clients and might be available for you, too.

HSA and FSA accounts

Therapy can also be paid for with pre-tax dollars from your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA).  I am quite experienced in navigating these options and can talk through how they can help reduce your therapy cost.


I accept payment by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and HSA cards.  Most clients pay at the beginning or end of the session but if you would like to pay online please click on the link below and indicate the type of session for which you are submitting payment.   If you would like to specify payment for a specific date or range of dates, or if the client name does not match the name on the card please indicate that information on the Notes section while in Checkout.


You can also use PayPal.