Most individuals and couples come into therapy during periods of stress or when they feel stuck.  These periods -- while generally painful and isolating -- can also provide opportunity for transformation and growth. My goal as a therapist is to help you address the issues at hand and also help you gain greater understanding of what beliefs or patterns are behind them and how they may relate to other aspects of your life.

I have a general psychotherapy practice and see clients with a variety of issues and concerns.  The areas covered below are particular areas of focus: 

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy can provide a great opportunity to have a professional, caring guide help you process current conflicts and also explore some of the factors -- often family patterns, past experiences, beliefs or traumas -- that might be getting in the way.  In the process of accessing core emotions and beliefs in a safe and supportive relationship, clients are able to find better solutions to current and recurring conflicts and often find increased resiliency in other parts of their lives.

Couples Therapy
Most couples come into therapy when there are recurring communication problems and lack of intimacy in their relationship, which may be expressed in ongoing conflict, distancing or compulsive acting out behaviors by one or both members. My primary approach in working with couples draws from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an empirically-validated method which helps couples better see the cycles of conflict or avoidance that are unique in their relationship and guides them in forging new ways of communicating to find stronger attachment and greater resiliency in their bond.  No couples are without some conflict but our work together can help you develop tools to stay more connected even in difficult times.  I have also trained with the Gottman Institute and bring other modalities to the work as needed in helping couples heal and grow.

Dating and Relationships
Finding and cultivating healthy relationships can be challenging and each person brings her or his own personal history and emotions (like hope, shame or fear) into the equation.  I can help you navigate these issues, explore what history or blocks might be getting in the way of finding the type of relationships you crave and ultimately develop richer connections in all parts of your life. 

Career Issues and Mid-life Transitions
Given my relevant experience in the corporate world and my own life passages I have a deep understanding of and interest in career development and personal life transitions and have helped many clients navigate career and other life transitions. 

Managing stress in a demanding profession
I have a lot of experience working with professionals in high-stress jobs -- both as a therapist and in my many years working with other managers and executives in a high-growth tech environment.  Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, a social worker or a C-level executive I can help you manage stress, explore ways to develop better work life balance and cultivate better resiliency and emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Depression and Anxiety
Depression or anxiety can express themselves in myriad ways.  Some people experience them only mildly for short or long periods of time and others experience their debilitating effects.  If we are working together you and I will collaborate on a treatment plan to help you get the support you need, which might include exploring the factors contributing to the depression or anxiety, introducing somatic or mindfulness exercises, developing a customized wellness plan or perhaps exploring the use of medication -- in which case I would coordinate with a psychiatrist.

Trauma and Loss
Research shows that having a loving, caring support network is essential for recovery from trauma.  Unfortunately many people suffer silently when they have experienced trauma and loss.  In my work with clients I help reprocess and heal core emotions and fears to work toward healing and greater resiliency.

Though I primarily identify as a Gay Male, I view sexuality and sexual identity as fluid and non-binary.  Exploring my own sexual identity has been a big part of my personal journey and I find it particularly rewarding working with those grappling with similar issues. 

Spiritual and Existential Exploration
My initial therapy over 25 years ago was born out of spiritual exploration -- particularly the desire to integrate and deepen my spirituality through learning more about myself and my family history and cultivating more self-compassion.  Along the way I earned a Masters of Divinity degree with a focus on spiritual and pastoral counseling.  Though this work is not a sole focus of my practice, the search for meaning and spiritual integration remains an area of interest and continual exploration for me and many of my clients.